Do you have a passion for making things entirely by hand or appreciate it in other people? In my teens and twenties, I got a thrill out of being my own mechanic on my old '75 Mustang. Yep, I've changed a few water pumps and brake pads. I have sewn every stitch of handmade rag dolls with a needle and thread (no machine stitching), and I prefer to cook from scratch. Isn't it much more rewarding to gather family and friends to put in fence posts, and raise barns? So naturally for me, prepping the fleece, learning to spin, and then making things from the alpacas' luscious fiber is my idea of happiness! -Kaylen

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Sweater Dress for Little Dogs

There is a local event next week to raise money for Holly's Place Animal Rescue.  I was asked if I would contribute a few items for the silent auction.  I love helping out in this way so I sent a set of felted bowls and 2 pet sweaters.  Here is one being modeled by my friend Beth's sweetie, Daisy! 

I used the Little Black Dress pattern by Kay Graves.

Some day I'll have a black alpaca so I can make it in that color just to use the name "Little Black Dress!"  So cute!  

If you are in the area, "Whiskers, Wags, and Wine" information can be found at .

P.S.  I have been informed this would look just as cute on a cat. :)


Loco Lindy said...

Hmmm, I know someone that would LOVE to put that on a cat! Adorable, you are such a talented (and generous!) knitter, Kaylen.

Kaylen said...

Haha Sushi definitely needs a little black dress and pearls! Thank you, Lindy. I keep learning and hopefully getting better.